In July of 1996, my sister Cathy and I received news that our dad had been reported missing and presumed dead in northwestern Australia during a fishing and diving trip.  It was an area he knew well, and it is speculated that he may have had a heart attack while being in or near the water.

          The shock was strong, but those who knew him always sensed the ocean would be his final resting place and found peace in his final tribute.  His health was poor at best, but had controlled his life from start to finish.  Many wish they could say the same...

          If I had to write in one quick paragraph about my dad, I would say...  he grew up in a poor family, and as a result of his large stature, athletic abilities, intelligence, and a great sense of humor, he got an education, and a life of adventure that most just dream about. He had a love for life and what it had to offer.  He was a football star in high school and college.  He played professional football for two years in New York.  He had a love for diving that led him to places all over the world.  He started his life in Texas; then moved to New York, Oklahoma, California, South America, and finally Australia.  He was intelligent and strong willed, a man of quick wit, and feared nothing.  He was the only person I have ever known to have a freezer full of kangaroo.  

          Since I don't have to do this in one quick paragraph I'm going to put together a piece on his life, and hopefully you find some value in it.

                                                   Roger McAuley Jr.    

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